Sustainable cooking with Circular Slovakia

There are many different perspectives on sustainability. Clothing and shopping are among the first things consumers think of, but cooking can also be sustainable. And believe me, it's also extremely tasty.

Thanks to our active membership in the Circular Slovakia platform, we participated in the original "Networking Cooking" event in the Tesco community garden in Zlaté Piesky in Bratislava. The aim was to meet the members of the platform, but it was enriched by cooking together under the guidance of Vojto Artz, the chef of Metro Slovakia. The concept of Zero Waste Cooking is great and with the current possibilities much more feasible than you can imagine.

We supported the event with Lucart Econatural compostable paper towels and napkins made from recycled cellulose from beverage cartons.

Both the finished bruschetti and the vegetable and coconut curry disappeared very quickly, but the interesting debates continued into the late, very pleasant afternoon.

We were happy to meet partners and friends, both regular and new, for example from the Food Aid Platform Slovakia initiative; from Iveta Lacova, founder of Enviva, we tried takeaway boxes made from the Slovak patented Nonoilen® and we welcomed among the members of Circular Slovakia the company Damito as our partner and stakeholder.

Circular Slovakia is a public-private platform to promote the circular economy. It brings together business companies, government and knowledge institutions, associations and NGOs with the ambition to accelerate the transition to a greener and circular Slovakia. If you are interested in joining and participating in useful, innovative and at the same time fun and inspiring networking sessions like this cooking session, please sign up on the Circular Slovakia website.

Photo: Circular Shield and Circular Slovakia