5 New Year’s resolutions for sustainability

A lot of people will tell you they don't have them, but in reality they've already bought a gym pass or set their alarm an hour earlier. There's nothing wrong with that, New Year's resolutions are natural and move us forward. Have you ever thought about including some along the lines of sustainability? You don't have to immediately recalculate your carbon footprint on your car journey to work, sometimes small steps are enough to kick-start big changes. Here are our 5 tips.

1.Sort waste properly

Start from the very basics. Don't sort your waste at all? Use the motivated start of the year to get started. In most towns and cities across the country, we sort plastics, metals and beverage cartons together into yellow containers or bags. So having little space in the kitchen is no longer an excuse.

2.Bio-waste too!

Maybe you already sort your waste, but you don't feel like sorting your kitchen waste and instead keep throwing it in the mixed municipal waste. Then you have to collect it more often and you have a lot of it. Start sorting your kitchen waste and everything will be easier.

3.Use alternative routes

It happens to all of us that we sometimes drive where we don't need to go. Be harder on yourself, take a walk or use public transport. Both the environment and your wallet will thank you.

4.Shop smart and local

We are specialists in food waste in Slovakia. The whole problem starts with shopping. Here, too, your wallet will thank you, as well as the environment, if you shop sensibly and only as much as you eat. If you add shopping at local retailers to the mix, you take it to an even higher level.

5.Clean up your surroundings

Go out for a walk, jog or meet friends. That's the first part of the resolution. The second is that you take a garbage bag and clean up your surroundings. It's not hard and, in addition to making the surroundings of your home cleaner, we guarantee you'll feel great too!