1,000 tonnes of beverage cartons recycled

In cooperation with Slovenian municipalities, which have established a Municipal Material Cycle for waste packaging and toilet paper, we have already sent more than 1,000 tons of tetrapak for processing. This is as much as the total weight of 167 adult African savannah elephants.

We are extremely proud of this achievement, because we have:

  • saved more than 13,200 trees from felling,
  • around 30 million pieces of liter tetrapak packaging have already been sent for processing.

In Slovenia, more and more municipalities are deciding to establish the Municipal Material Cycle, and many public institutes and institutions, as well as private companies, are joining the program as users of sustainable hygiene paper.

The transition to sustainable solutions is becoming more and more important - both from the point of view of our attitude towards the preservation of natural resources and care for the environment, as well as from the point of view of cost optimization, as the prices of primary raw materials and energy products are rising rapidly.

We are glad that more and more partners are joining us in Slovakia and we will see the current results on our website soon.